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About Me

My name is Gustavo Costa. I love contributing to open-source projects and am very passionate about GNU/Linux. I am always looking for new things to learn about.

I am a Fedora Project contributor. I contribute mostly to translation, package testing and package maintenance. You can learn more about my contributions to the project here.

I usually write code in Python and C these days. But I program in Perl and Shell Script too. Sometimes I also write some things for my blog, but currently, it is only in Portuguese.


Here are some cool projects I have written:

Getting in Touch

You can send me a message on Telegram or send me a direct message on Twitter. I am very active on Discord as well.

You can also reach me by email at


My GPG public key block can be found here and its fingerprint is:

        3DF8 6806 78F5 347D 9113  EAF7 0A74 849D 4144 3F86